6 common FHA appraisal issues

FHA wants to ensure that a home doesn't have any health and safety issues, so the appraisal inspection is more thorough. This list of the 6 most common FHA appraisal issues will help reduce the chance of a re-inspection and additional fees.   

1. Carbon Monoxide detectors 

Carbon monoxide laws are different for each state. Essentially Minnesota requires a carbon monoxide detector within 10 feet of each bedroom while Wisconsin requires one on each level. The links below are laws for each state with the exact requirements.

Minnesota carbon monoxide detector code
Wisconsin carbon monoxide detector code

2. Peeling Paint

Lead-based paint was used in homes built before 1978, so peeling and chipping areas should be scraped and re-painted (with no chips left on the ground). The most common areas are window sills and door frames.

3. Exposed electrical wiring

Dangling wires from missing light fixtures are a shock hazard. Any exposed wiring should be fixed or inside a junction box. Also, electrical outlets and light switches need to have cover plates. 


4. attic access

The attic needs to be viewed for an FHA inspection. Depending on the type of home the attic access panel is typically in a hallway, closet, or along the knee wall. 

5. water heater pressure relief valve

Most people don't pay attention their water heater until it dies. One safety issue FHA is concerned with is the pressure relief valve, and according to Minnesota code the pipe should be 18 inches or less from the floor.  


6. patio door block

from the shoulders up s and crawlspaces are to be viewed at minimum from the shoulder up by the appraiser. When viewing the attic, appraisers make sure there are vents, no damage, no exposed or frayed wires, and that sunlight is not beaming through. When inspecting the crawl space, appraisers make sure there are no signs of standing water or any other foundation support issues. Excessive debris in the attic or crawl space should be removed.


If you’re looking for more information on FHA appraisal standards, you can check out other FHA appraisal articles.

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